What is Mediation?

Mediation Forum is a group of Mediation Practitioners who provide private mediation and arbitration services, to assist businesses and individuals in resolving disputes through mediation. We are a growing company represented by our associates in various locations.

Mediation is a process of assisted mediation through which a neutral third party, called a mediator, helps people in conflict to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement.
It is a unique form of negotiation where the parties to the mediation control the outcome.

Mediation is today’s preferred method of resolving conflict, encouraged by courts worldwide. Mediation provides a scope of solutions that is usually greater than the remedies available in courts and tribunals, or even in prolonged negotiations. A mediator facilitates communication, promotes understanding, assists the parties to identify their needs and interests, and uses creative problem solving techniques to enable the parties to reach their own agreement.





Family Matters

Divorce and separation can be stressful times for everyone, especially when children are involved. Both partners may experience a range of emotions which include a sense of loss, grief, pain, anger and failure. Court rooms may prolong such difficult times. Mediation reduces the duration of such a difficult period and the costs involved.
Mediation Forum can help you sort out these issues without going to court. If you can resolve your differences you’ll save yourself time, money and a whole lot of stress.
One of our accredited Family Mediators can help you through this minefield to reach an amicable agreement.
Services include the following:
•         Responsibilities and Rights Agreements
•         Settlement Agreements
•         Parenting Plans
•         Visitation and Access to children
•         Dissolution of a Civil Marriage
•         Life Partnership Agreements
•         Maintenance Agreements
•         Maintenance Calculations
•         Arrear Maintenance
•         Assistance with Court Applications


Father's Rights

Fathers, if you are denied access to your child/children, we can help!
Many people in South Africa still believe that unmarried and divorced fathers have limited rights to their child/children and that the mother has the sole right to decide what is best for the child/children. This is no longer the case. Our accredited Mediators will assist you to establish contact, assuring you meaningful access to your children.



Civil & Commercial Mediation

Many civil and commercial disagreements can be resolved through Mediation. It is quick and highly cost efficient. It is also private and confidential, protecting parties from the negativity that comes with the potential publicity attached to protracted civil litigation. Our Mediators will assist in the give-and-take of thrashing out differences, allowing you to carry on with your life after the dispute. We always strive to maintain self respect and a good future working relationship, something that can be very difficult to rebuild after litigation.




Mediation Forum is offering Training in Cape Town, in association with North West University. This training will give you a university endorsed qualification which is both NQF7(Post Graduate) and SASITA accredited.
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